Must-have Baby Furniture

Must-Have Baby Furniture for Your Nursery

Trying to decide how to outfit your nursery before your little one gets here? There are a lot of things you are going to need for your baby such as clothing, diapers and bottles just to name a few. But when it comes to furnishing the nursery, there are some must have pieces that will make your life so much easier as you care for your baby. Here are some of the must have baby furniture for your nursery.


The first piece of baby furniture by Incy Interiors you must have is a bassinet. It is smaller than a crib which makes perfect for those first few weeks after your baby comes home. It is small enough to keep near your bed so that you can have quick access to your baby for those middle of the night feedings. It will not take up as much real estate in your bedroom as a crib. It’s small size can also help your baby to feel snug, fostering a sense of security right from the beginning.


As your baby begins to grow and does not need quite as much attention at night, it is time to move her into a crib. A crib should be a solidly made piece of baby furniture to keep your baby safe. You may also want something that matches the décor of the nursery. Some cribs are even designed to transition into toddler beds to help meet your baby’s changing needs as she grows.

Changing Table

You have probably seen parents change their baby’s in some of the most unusual places. Given the potential for disaster, however, it is best to keep diapers and changing materials in one piece of baby furniture– at least while you are at home– so that you do not risk getting diaper messes all over the house. A good changing table not only gives you a safe surface for changing diapers, it should also have space for materials such as diapers, wipes, lotions and burp cloths.

Rocking Chair

Okay, so technically, this is not baby furniture at so much as it is furniture for the parents, but it is absolutely vital in helping parents care for baby. When feeding your baby, you will want a comfortable place to sit that will accommodate you both. It is also a good place for bonding, reading to baby and for rocking her to sleep.

High Chair

Once your little one is big enough to sit up and try something other than milk or formula, you will want a high chair. A good high chair has a seat belt to keep your baby safe. It also has a removable tray to make cleaning easier. Make sure you get a high chair that you feel you can manage comfortable if you have to move it and when you have to remove the tray.

Preparing for the arrival of your baby is an exciting time. But when your baby gets here, you are going to be busy. Anything you can do now to prepare will make life easier once baby gets here. Consider these pieces of must-have baby furniture as you plan out your nursery.

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