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Nelson Homes is a proud Albury NSW based Construction Company. We specialize in transportable, modular, prefabricated homes, schools and commercial buildings.

Due to our transportable capabilities we service all of New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT.

We have select plans for you to chose from or manipulate, or you may have a burning desire to design your own home. Nelson Homes will develop your individual requirements, using powerful design technologies, to show you a three dimensional proto type of your new building. This will then be individually priced.

All Homes built by Nelson Homes meet, or even exceed, the VIC, NSW and ACT environmental standards, whether it be bushfire protection or sustainability design.

Kids Chair Elements

kids chairs

Chairs for kids serve many important purposes. A chair helps give the kid the support they need as they concentrate on their homework. Kids chairs also help give a kid support they need when they are getting ready for bed and want to sit as a parent reads to them. Kids chairs also allow the kid room for friends when they visit or have a sleepover. Good kids chairs from www.incyinteriors.com.au/chairs/ also work very well with the other items in the room. A good chair should fit underneath a desk in the child’s room very easily so the chair can sit and do their homework each night with ease and in comfort.

The Color

Kids chairs come in many different colors. A parent can find chairs in varied shades ranging from deep blues to lighter shades of pink and yellow. Parents may already have a color in mind before they start looking. They may have painted the room a neutral shade such as white or brown. Or, they may have painted the room in a shade of green or deep blue. Each parent should think about the kind of colors that are available. A single chair can act as a focal point for the entire space. Kids chairs can also be used to help set the scene for the rest of the items in the room. A chair in a complementary shade of peach or one of pleasing lavender works well with other room colors.

The Fabric

Another consideration is the kind of fabric used. Parents will find many kinds of fabric that are used to make kids chairs. Cotton is a good choice. It’s easy to clean and it gives any chair a sense of freshness. Cotton also comes in many colors. The fabric is soft and warm during the winter and pleasantly cool during the summer months. Such chairs are also found in material such as leather. Leather is an adult choice that can transition from the kids bed from https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/ to the adult bed.Leather is also another kind of material that is cool during the summer and warm in the winter.

Other Details

Many types of chairs for kids also have other kinds of extremely important details. For example, kids chairs may have seating that can be adjusted according the user’s exact height. This is very useful as the child grows. A set that can be set lower is also good for parents who have multiple children in the same room. Each child can have a chair that is right for their present height. Rocking chairs are common type of chair that many parents purchase. These inviting chairs are great for kids of all ages from babyhood to nearly adult teens. Parents should consider the overall size of the room and choose chairs that are scale according to the room’s size as well. A larger chair can work well in a room with a lot of floor space. Smaller chairs make great choices that will easily fit under the room’s eaves.

Hugo settee

Must-have Baby Furniture

Must-Have Baby Furniture for Your Nursery

Trying to decide how to outfit your nursery before your little one gets here? There are a lot of things you are going to need for your baby such as clothing, diapers and bottles just to name a few. But when it comes to furnishing the nursery, there are some must have pieces that will make your life so much easier as you care for your baby. Here are some of the must have baby furniture for your nursery.


The first piece of baby furniture by Incy Interiors you must have is a bassinet. It is smaller than a crib which makes perfect for those first few weeks after your baby comes home. It is small enough to keep near your bed so that you can have quick access to your baby for those middle of the night feedings. It will not take up as much real estate in your bedroom as a crib. It’s small size can also help your baby to feel snug, fostering a sense of security right from the beginning.


As your baby begins to grow and does not need quite as much attention at night, it is time to move her into a crib. A crib should be a solidly made piece of baby furniture to keep your baby safe. You may also want something that matches the décor of the nursery. Some cribs are even designed to transition into toddler beds to help meet your baby’s changing needs as she grows.

Changing Table

You have probably seen parents change their baby’s in some of the most unusual places. Given the potential for disaster, however, it is best to keep diapers and changing materials in one piece of baby furniture– at least while you are at home– so that you do not risk getting diaper messes all over the house. A good changing table not only gives you a safe surface for changing diapers, it should also have space for materials such as diapers, wipes, lotions and burp cloths.

Rocking Chair

Okay, so technically, this is not baby furniture at https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/ so much as it is furniture for the parents, but it is absolutely vital in helping parents care for baby. When feeding your baby, you will want a comfortable place to sit that will accommodate you both. It is also a good place for bonding, reading to baby and for rocking her to sleep.

High Chair

Once your little one is big enough to sit up and try something other than milk or formula, you will want a high chair. A good high chair has a seat belt to keep your baby safe. It also has a removable tray to make cleaning easier. Make sure you get a high chair that you feel you can manage comfortable if you have to move it and when you have to remove the tray.

Preparing for the arrival of your baby is an exciting time. But when your baby gets here, you are going to be busy. Anything you can do now to prepare will make life easier once baby gets here. Consider these pieces of must-have baby furniture as you plan out your nursery.

Ivy conversion kit

Kids’ Chairs

Kids’ Chairs: What Are You In The Market For

As wide-ranging as they are multifaceted, kids’ chairs run the gamut from stools to recliners. Since the collection of kids’ chairs is so vast, as a parent, it’s imperative to whittle down your options. Will this kids’ chair serve a utilitarian or aesthetic purpose? Is comfortability a crucial component? Is durability of paramount importance? As the shopping process is underway, these queries are worth pondering.

Selection Of Kids’ Chairs
If perusing for kids’ chairs is foreign to you, here are some Incy Interiors kids chairs you can anticipate seeing.

Rocking Chair
Rocking chairs offer a classic and timeless design. They come equipped with ornate details and artfully executed craftsmanship, making them exceedingly pleasing to the eye. What’s more, they come in a raft of styles and hues. The soothing swaying motions are an undeniable lure as well.

DSW chairs deviate from design norms. In fact, they come engineered with a tripod-style base and rounded features. If the room you’re furnishing exudes a contemporary essence, consider incorporating DSW chairs.

Juvenile Chair
Though the name alludes to criminal behavior, the juvenile chair upholds the lovable innocence of a child. These chairs make for striking accent pieces, offering both padded cushions and a quirky flair. Juvenile chairs are esteemed for their robust structure, allowing them to stand the test of time.

Hanging Nest
Beloved for their cocoon-esque structure, hanging nests are both exquisitely rare and delightfully peculiar. The hanging nest is hallmarked for its pendulous design, allowing kids to swing ever so slightly as it dangles from the ceiling. No doubt a relaxing component, these offbeat chairs are great for downtime.

Swivel Chairs
Aptly named for the movements they boast, swivel chairs rotate to and fro. Though these chairs don’t often include arms, the swiveling motion is so enticing that kids seldom notice. If you’re looking for a chair that offers unique mobility, swivel chairs are the ideal selection.

Plush Character Chair
Admired for their youthfulness, character chairs are characteristic of the lightheartedness inherent to children. From farm animals to Disney princesses, character chairs offer an assortment of selections.

Both comfortable and homey, recliners are the embodiment of coziness. With that said, if you’re looking for a simple and unpretentious option, kids chairs from https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/ bode well. What’s more, when it’s time to unwind, recliners make the de-stressing process a breeze.

Stools are especially practical for sit-down artistic activities. Their open design allows for flexibility and breathability, making fluid movements a cinch. Simple in design yet useful in practice, stools embody a “less is more” approach.

Incy x Hobbe Rocker - Blush

Incy Interiors
If you’re in need of a retailer who offers all of the above, contact Incy Interiors. Armed with creative professionals and competent representatives, Incy Interiors facilitates the design process. Visit their website to get a feel for their myriad products and services.

Kids Beds

kids beds

A bed is the most important item in any bedroom. Everyone needs a bed. For kids, a bed is special place. Kid’s beds means sleepovers and late night giggling while mom and dad are still awake downstairs. All parents want to find a kid’s bed that offers the comfort the child needs to get a fabulous night’s sleep. Parents are also looking for beds that pair well with the other decor in the room. A parent with more than one child may have kids who share a single bedroom. In that case, the parent will want to make doubly sure that the beds they choose are good for both of their children. Fortunately, many types of kid’s beds are available at http://www.incyinteriors.com.au/beds/ on the market today for parent and kids to appreciate and enjoy.

Single Beds

Single beds are an excellent option for the parent who has more than one child in a single room. A small single bed means that the parent can maximize the use of space in the room while still allowing each child a bed of their own. Single beds can also serve double duty as guest beds for a sleepover or when guests are visiting. Many single beds have storage space underneath the bed. This makes it even easier to store important kid’s stuff such as their clothing, toys and school related materials. The single bed can also be easily dismantled and then taken with the child when they go off to a college dorm room.

Double Beds

Another options in kid’s beds from https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/ is a double bed. Double beds are ideal for older kids. Teens need to have more bed room than a younger child. A double bed is an ideal option for a bedroom that is not shared with another child. The larger bed also means additional storage space underneath the bed. As the child grows, the larger bed also means that the child will have enough room to get a good night’s sleep even if they are rapidly approaching their overall adult height. Kids can also have enough if a beloved dog wants to sleep in the same bed at night.

King Beds

For a parent who is thinking about the longer term, a king bed makes an excellent option in kid’s beds. Large king beds can easily serve a young kid’s needs for many decades even as they move out and start a family of their own. The larger size also allows for sleepovers easily as there is enough space in the bed for other guests. A large bed is the perfect thing to use in a large bedroom where there is plenty of space. The large bed helps separate the large room into a smaller and cozier space for the child. A larger bed is also ideal for a parent who may wish to come to in the room and soothe a child if they are having nightmares.

Today’s parents can take advantage of the fact that kid’s beds come in many sizes.

Polly bed - side view

Kids Furniture

Kids Furniture Shopping Considerations

Estelle side table

Decorating a living space isn’t an easy process for anyone. It can in many cases be particularly difficult for parents who have small children. Young children grow so fast. Parents have to take so many varied things into consideration. If you’re in need of high-quality kids furniture for a child’s bedroom, then you don’t have to feel totally hopeless and confused, however. That’s simply because there are so many helpful online resources available to you. There are quite a few popular Internet retailers that have substantial selections of kids furniture products accessible to the public. Don’t forget, though, that there are practically countless retailers that offer kids furniture products in brick and mortar settings. Shopping for furniture for children is all about being resourceful and taking advantage of all of the choices that are directly in front of you.

It doesn’t matter how young a child is. He or she needs a living space that’s both comfortable and functional. That’s the reason that parents need to ensure that they cover all of the bases in the furnishings department. Children don’t only rely on furniture for sleeping and lounging around. They also rely on it for imagination and exploration applications. If you want your child to take an interest in sleeping soundly, then it may be a smart idea to invest in a top-quality bed. Other important kids furniture pieces are mattresses, dressers, side tables, shelves, chests, cabinets and chairs found at https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/. Parents who want to buy kids furniture can look for choices in canopies, hanging chairs, armoires and beyond.

Shopping for five-star kids furniture pieces can sometimes be a complex process for parents. Some parents actually make the decision to go shopping alongside their children. Young children can actually assist their parents with key decision-making processes. Parents who want to buy kids furniture pieces that they won’t regret should refrain from shopping while their youngsters are at school or playing with their friends. They should go shopping together while they have their full attention. It can be helpful to get suggestions from children as far as furniture appearance goes. Kids have their own opinions and preferences regarding style and color scheme. They have their own specific preferences regarding function as well.

It’s crucial to invest in safety while looking for furniture for children. It’s also imperative to invest in durability. Kids can be pretty rambunctious and energetic at times. If you want your Incy Interiors Kids furniture pieces to be enduring, then you need to look for options that are associated with resilience and strength. You don’t want to put your money into furniture items that are weak and that are prone to fast destruction and damage. Intelligent and patient parents try to find furniture pieces that are made out of superb materials. They try to find furniture items that put magnificent craftsmanship on display as well. If you’re a parent who is having a hard time making furniture piece choices, then you should ask others if they have any strong recommendations for you.